Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Soviet Story- Full length-English Subs

The Soviet Story
The film features interviews with western and Russian historians such as Norman Davies and Boris Sokolov, Russian writer Viktor Suvorov, Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, members of the European Parliament and the participants, as well as the victims of Soviet terror.
The film argues that there were close philosophical, political and organizational connections between the Nazi and Soviet systems before and during the early stages of World War II.[1] It highlights the Great Purge as well as the Great Famine, Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, Katyn massacre, Gestapo-NKVD collaboration, Soviet mass deportations and medical experiments in the GULAG.




  1. It was a shocking video!
    I was born in USSR after and this video was a complete surprise to me...I was aware of the brutal murders by Stalin, Beria, however the collaboration with Hitler and the occupation/murder of citizens in Baltic republics was a complete shock...

  2. Coming to a Western 'Democracy' near you soon ... I fear.
    If the Communist agenda was to remove the intellect out of society first then I believe the Technocratic 'Democratic' Western societies have achieved the same progress through a dumbing down process and subversion of truth through a controlled education system and media. When I was in my wonderful Public School in Australia I barely even got taught about any atrocity except the Jewish Holocaust. I only heard about that single particular aspect of WWII atrocity. The Armenian genocide, and this Soviet one were not even mentioned. Stalin and Lenin make Hitler look like an amateur, not to mention the fact that Hitler probably felt so comfortable doing such things when his neighbours had been doing it for years before he copied their ideas. But of course the history books (or at least the ones on the regular 'curriculum') make it look like Hitler was some strange aberration, and then have the audacity to label him 'right-wing'; was he not a Socialist? Was Bernard Shaw not a Fabian Socialist who designed the Fabian Window which shows the fabians beating a red hot molten world on an anvil with a hammer and the slogan 'Mould it to thy hearts desire'. As an Australian our Labor Party is infested with Fabians, all of whom advocate the elimination of private property to eliminate 'poverty'. Did it work in Soviet Russia? And people defend Shaw by saying that he was merely using 'satire'?

    Also where was the western world when the Soviet monsters were planning their 'utopia'?
    Together with what the Allies then did in Dresden at the end of the war, it makes me wonder whether WWII wasn't simply a macro-sociological pre-planned event to destroy the human and world soul in general. Wasn't Marx buried in London in fact? Didn't Lenin shelter in the West before he was injected like a virus into Russia? This really makes a person rethink the accepted history (fiction?) that schools teach students in our new 'Socialist Utopias'. Australia, Canada, UK, EU, and now even the USA look like they are being turned into Socialist welfare states that are eliminating the middle class by design. God help us all. Also, God bless the makers of this film for helping shine a light on this most dark (understatement) chapter of human history. Once again, God help us all.

    1. I think you have a very serious point.
      "and the students eyes don't perceive the lies, bouncing off of every f***in wall".
      You clearly did though.
      Churchill was noted to have said "the welfare state is likely to be the farewell state".
      Marx was buried, in a tomb, in Highgate cemetery, East Section. It bears the now infamous words "Workers of the World Unite".
      Bernard Shaw and the Fabians still exist, based in London, one of the centralised financial centres of the world, based on the old trading empire and then commonwealth.
      The phrase Godless Commie Scum springs to mind...

      Centralised Banks are real, I've never been into the 'Illuminati Nonsense' you only need to read proper history books, to see all the plain sight and documented deals by the power hungry (however one chooses to politically classify them).

      It could be argued that the agenda (if existent) has removed intellectuals, over time, look how few scienctists are graduating compared to say, media shills braindead humanities students and the like.

      The US has just 'given', that is the powers that be have finally taken almost all the power of people and handed it to any president elect.

      As Yuri Bezmenoz said, "if you let the USA fall, there will be nowhere else to defect to".

      I couldn't personally cite God for help, as a Godless person, but for the Love of Humanity, thanks to all involved in this, people pay some attention, go a library and read a book or two.

    2. 04/12/24/2014 A.D. illuminati nonsens, you say ?

  3. I am a Muslim and slightly annoyed with the first 'British' video where the collaboration between Zionists and Nazis is not discussed. Think of the Haavara agreement and the reverence Zionist terrorist groups such as Irgun and Stern Gang had for Nazis. Also keep in mind that communism is to Judaism what what 'C' language is to Unix.

    1. You're a filthy muslim scum so you're opinion doesn't matter, just kill yourself please.

    2. The most prominent two classical liberal economists, Ludwig Von Mises and Milton Friedman, were Jewish.

    3. As an atheist, I fail to see any meaningful difference between the concept of Zionism and the concept of the Caliphate and a united Islamic state? Perhaps you could clarify this for those of us that can't understand why the hatred and vitriol, from both sides, needs to continue?

  4. fucking hilarious documentary; it hooks you in with the funny dramatic music by telling you the true truths, like Lenin's advocation of the liquidation of the kulaks and the execution of the White Guards, and uses this to browbeat you into believing the completely ridiculous: the absurd notion that the Ukraine famine was man-made, the hysterical idea that the Soviet "new man" was anything like the Hitlerjugend and the hands down best part - misquotation upon misquotation of Marx with citations from books that don't exist using terminology that didn't exist from that period

    good shit, rightists; i'm sure you'll convince the modern intelligentsia with your hare-brained proselytizing with this sham of a documentary - it's on the level of robert conquest or robert service, honestly

  5. One thing this documentary fails to point out is that the vast majority of the Bolsheviks who killed the Czar and began the Communist Revolution in 1917 were Jewish elites. The only exceptions being Lenin and Stalin and about a dozen Russian intellectuals. Lenin was half-Jewish, who married a Jewish woman and spoke Yiddish. The Marxist ideology was used as a tool, not just to "advance" man on an evolutionary scale (that was just a selling point), but as an International Jewish elitist agenda to rid the world of "Goyim" or to enslave them. Karl Marx (who was also a Jewish elite and a prominent member of the Fabian Society) was a part of an International Jewish elitist agenda aiming for the subversion of the gentile monarchies and populations that they felt were their primary oppressors throughout the course of human history. The documentary touched on this briefly when it mentioned Marx's comments about ridding society of "lesser developed," "lesser-evolved" or "garbage races." Marx tried to intertwine Darwin's theory of Natural Selection to his political ideology this way. This is all based on an ancient hatred that carried on throughout time. Because Jewish elites owned most of the mass media back then (and still do today) they used it in an attempt to erase from history all the Soviet's dealings with Hitler during the later stages of WWII, specifically because of Hitler's antisemitism and the Holocaust that resulted from it. This is the only way in which the Nazis and the Soviets were different. Hitler hated Jews and the entirety of the central body controlling Russia was orchestrated and operated by Jewish elites. Russia and the Ukraine were not their first victims. Nor were they their last. Their agenda has remained the same since, but it bears a new title today: Zionism. This has since manifested into the state of Israel where similar acts of brutality are being carried out against the Palestinian people on a frequent basis, and has been so since 1948. Much like the days of the Holodomor and the Red Terror, the world looks on and does nothing about that, either. When the world finally figures out what is really going on, there will likely be another great war and it will likely take place in or near Israel; much like Revelations predicted.